Yes, this is made with Ren'Py :)

Note: check
for a better demo environment.
Developer mode (Shift+O) was left enabled - just saying~

I setup a Patreon to foster development of Ren'Py for the Web:

I've been experimenting/developing this over the past few months and I thought this jam was a good opportunity to make a first presentation :)

StatusIn development
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py


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Awesome! It's great that all sentence make sense!

can anyone say how to upload as a web game from Ren'Py ?
Thank you :D

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My game runs in firefox but I keep getting the following message pop up whenever a choice is made:  Warning: Write Error: A mutation operation was attempted on a database that did not allow mutations

In chromium the game completely shuts down by windows defender claiming that it has detected ransomware.

This happens just launching it out of renpy before uploading to

 Do you have any idea if I might be doing something wrong?


None of this should happen when testing a web build from ren'py.

I'll need more details on your environment and how you're testing.

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I found out for firefox the message only appears when I'm using private browsing mode or set it to never remember history. Not sure what's up with chromium though. These errors apply when running The Question on this page as well.

I'm on windows 10

Firefox in private mode indeed refuses to save games (which makes sense, because they would be lost when closing the window), I plan to detect and make that message clearer.

The anti-virus block is annoying (but I'd be curious to know if Microsoft also blocks its own chromium-based Edge browser.) Is there a way to report this as a false positive?

Hi Beuc.  Latest version on itch seems perceptibly faster ( on top of what was already acceptable speed) so that bodes well for larger games/assets.

Still getting several "warning write error: the user denied permission to access the database"  Surprising that Itch have not worked on this - surely itch would get lots of games in web version if they could fix that.

Could you/Renpy but a warning into the Launcher/itch build /Start page of "The Question" to let users know that it is a temporary itch problem not present on other platforms.

Thanks for all the good work.

Hi. Clarifying that error message is on my TODO list, yes.

Keep bugging the staff ;)

Hi Beuc! This is awesome but I'm having an issue with my game where I get an error message "warning write error: the user denied permission to access the database". This happens when the player needs to give input - ie make a choice. When packaged the game runs fine locally but I'm seeing the error when I upload it to Do you have any thoughts? Thanks again for all your hard work :) 

I believe this is the same issue as:

As you can see we haven't been able to get any feedback from staff :/

Oh no! Thanks so much for letting me know. Fingers crossed they respond soon!  :) 

Thanks again

It now says: "This topic has been auto-archived and can no longer be posted in because there haven't been any posts in a while. If you have a something related to post consider creating a topic in Questions & Support."

This project looks amazing. I've been trying to export my game and make it work with itch-io, but I am yet to make it work: I added all the files in the build directory to the file, uploaded that to and ticked it as the file to start the game from. I try running the game, but before it starts, it shows me this error:

Downloading Story...
Error while downloading Story : (status code 403)

What should I do? Thank you once again.

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For, you don't add files to

You make a new .zip (e.g. that contains all the build directory files (e.g. all the files within myvisualnovel-1.0.0-dists/myvisualnovel-1.0.0-web/), including (in the end, there is a zip in a zip, e.g. in

Worked like a charm, thank you very much. One last thing tho, when I click in the game in the webpage, I get notifications on the top that say "Push!Pop!" that repeat themselves. Is there a way to disable or hide them? 
Thank you once again.

Hmm, good thing I checked the page because I missed your post notification.

I never saw the push/pop notifications you mention.
I suspect there is some Python "print" calls somewhere in your game.
I'm considering blocking those, but they are usually debug left-over that are best removed, for performance reasons.

(if that's not it, send a screenshot and details about  your OS/browser brand&version)

This was honestly so cute!🥺🥺🥺

Mine doesn't seem to get past the first download phase, is the game too big?

I would suggest checking the F.A.Q. on size :)

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