Week 4 report


  • Difficult upgrade to Emscripten 1.38.25:
    • Investigate Emscripten/SDL2 gamepad-related breakage #7840
    • Investigate Emscripten/SDL2port/SDL_AddTimer breakage #67
    • More breakages for my other GNU FreeDink project XD
  • Fix Chrome crash with large files, improve .zip extraction speed and memory usage #7630
  • Push for Emterpreter (async) support in SDL2 #70 discussion
  • Investigate video support:
    • Document (roadmap) the need for 2 levels of video support: fullscreen w/ hardware acceleration, displayable w/o hardware acceleration
    • Failed experiments, in the current Ren'Py, hard to sync the separate audio and video processing without threading
    • Hardware video detection slight inconsistency #1698
    • Doc improvement for videos #1697

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