Week 48 report

Available at https://renpy.beuc.net/

  • Improved design:
    • The game now adapts to the screen size (from large desktops to medium laptops to tiny mobile phones)
    • Cleaner status messages that auto-hide All screen space for the game :) I plan to add a square drop-down menu at the top-left to import/export savegames and logs in the future, let me know if you've got other design ideas.
  • Screenshots: typing 's' now automatically prompts a screenshot download!
  • Fixed "The_Question" demo whose latest updates uses fonts from the Ren'Py launcher #1656
  • Technology (SDL2) bug fixes:
    • convincing the maintainer some more about duplicate events ;) #64
    • fix issue when exiting fullscreen with the Escape key #65
    • tracking down issue with resizing the screen #66


Developer kit: renpyweb- 16 MB
Dec 02, 2018

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