Week 46 report


  • Optimized start-up time by avoiding recompiling Python snippets from .rpyc files; you need to ship renpy/common/ in your game.zip file to leverage this. RenPyWeb now can run unmodified renpy/common/ files. Also the browser is more responsive during game loading.
  • Better mobile support by optimizing memory on start-up (Firefox 63 runs reasonably well).
  • Quit the game cleanly: no crash, and stop audio #1639; also found a bug in Ren'Py in the process #1642
  • More code clean-up; optimized out unnecessary libraries SDL2_mixer and SDL2_ttf.
  • SDL2: patch audio issue #4176 #63
  • Emscripten: clarified cryptic error message in Emscripten and improved documentation #7516 #7523 #7524 #7526; reported bug when using pristine SDL2 #7525; upgraded to 1.38.19.
  • Clarified Roadmap - feedback welcome.


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Nov 18, 2018
Developer kit: renpyweb- 16 MB
Nov 18, 2018

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